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Need a new koi pond or some blackberry bushes cleaned out? How about a small trench for pipe installation? Bob's tight access excavator can fit into small spaces to do large jobs! Give him a call for a quote on your job.

A small subsidiary of Yes, I Do Windows! is the holiday business, Yes, I Do Christmas Lights! Bob installs holiday lighting (using your lights) on your house or business. The price includes installation in November or December and taking them down in January. Call 707-887-7600 for an estimate.

Got an audience? Need sound? Call Mobile Audio and Visual! Bob has P.A. systems, large and small, for bands, presentations or hi-def outdoor movies with full surround sound! He carries top of the line Shure mics, powered stage monitors, large or small mixing boards with up to 3,000 watts of power! Prices range from not so much to very reasonable. Give him a call for a quote!

Bob diversifies! Here are some other businesses he offers.

Yes I Do Windows!

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